Best tricks to be a master of clash of clans 2014

Hey everyone out there!!


I see active a lot of active players on this game that continues to grow: Therefore the levels increase, the bases become more complex, the defenses improve, the game just gets harder overall, everyone learns how to play and that will make you change your tactics and perhaps even use a special software and become a clash of clans hacker. You need to start biting your nails and you get really nervous when you miss an attack, knowing that you have just signed your death sentence as the person you have just attacked will porbably try and come after you for your attempt to steal his resources or so when you realize that a rogue just steal 200k + worth of your precious and well earned gold and elixir?

If so then today, I suggest you read this article so you can improve as player and have a rather smart Clash of Clans knowledge. You’ll find a lot of interesting topics concerning defenses, breaks bricks, attack techniques, and more! Do not hesitate to ask me if you need help understanding.

How to have a good start?Image

It is important not to attack anyone, this will sort of make you look like stealth and the other players will not notice you. You can farm and level up your skills and defences better if you do not get attacked so make the most out of the first days when no one knows you are playing the game.


what is the farm ?  Farming is what we call to harvest resources very quickly, players do it to try to have more gold and elixir possible.

The Basics

 We are interested in this product in farming gold.  So , logically , to farmer , it directly attacks reserves and mines. It is not interested in trophies. In this case it does not attack anything else.

 Troops needed  The goblins seem more interesting. Indeed, they are only interested in resources but in reality , we need more troops : Giants : In order to attract the enemy’s defenses and allow the passage of the goblins . – Fire : To break the walls and thus create a path for the goblins .



 Number of troops !  Let us quantities of troops needed . Have as many troops as you can afford, and remember not to build a lot of them but to build a lot of them strong, if you can build dragons and such do it instead of weaker troops.


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